Raspberry Box


About me


I am a jewellery designer and a goldsmith.

My passion for bright and creative jewellery is what drives me.


I completed my studies in South Africa in 2003 were I worked for myself. I moved to London in 2007 where I worked at a family run jewellers for 6 years. While there, I created many beautiful pieces of jewellery.


My role as designer and goldsmith means that I am the link between a customer’s ideas, and the reality of a gorgeous piece of jewellery.


Most people who want a special commission piece of jewellery are not entirely sure of what they want.


I am skilled at pin pointing exactly what my customer has in mind, and together we come to a satisfactory solution.


I explore all options and make suggestions and give advice.


Because I am also a manufacturing jeweller I understand the technicalities involved in their particular wish.


My customers leave fully confident that they have made the right choice and that the piece they have just paid a deposit for will be perfect for their requirement.